1. Join a random society.

One outside the usual ‘normal’ – instead of ‘football’ think ‘worm charming’, instead of ‘food appreciation’ think ‘hummus appreciation’, instead of ‘martial arts’ think ‘zombie-survival.’

2. Check out the art departments’ end of year shows.

Picasso has to start somewhere, and the final piece of work usually combines the greatest artistic talents on offer at the uni. It’s free and it’s better than another evening of Netflix and slobbery.

 3. Visit all historical building and monuments in your town.

Loads of hidden gems; from churches to pubs or places famous people lived. Gain a new appreciation beyond the usual watering holes.

4. Write an article for a student newspaper.

Means you can wax lyrical on a topic of your interest and enables you to include ‘published journalist’ on your cv.

5. Host a ‘Come Dine With Me’ with friends.

Go the whole way: three courses of proper food (baked beans served in three different bowls doesn’t count), real cutlery and crockery (eating off foil will mean marks deducted), throw in some entertainment, lots of wine and you’ll be adulting in no time.

6. Get all the free stuff from freshers or career fairs.

This is a once in a lifetime chance to grab those highlighters, pens, keyrings, mousepads, USB sticks, magnets and stress balls you never thought you needed until presented on a table and given to you for absolutely nothing.

7. Go on a walking tour.

How much of the town have you actually seen? If you manage to find a free afternoon in between the crazy societies, hosting meals and oh yeah studying, this is worth doing at least once.

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