As Halloween creeps towards us and you want to get into the spirit of the holiday, then why not take in one of the haunted attractions at Farmageddon, based in Farmer Ted’s Farm. Whether it’s shuffling along in a zombified state alongside the undead or enjoying a last ride at the fear-go-ground, this trip will give you the jolt of terror you’re dying for.

Natterjack Alpacas

Sticking with the farm theme, but one which will be less likely to affect your blood pressure; a day out with alpacas. Native to Peru and now Ormskirk, you can go trekking with these calm creatures and learn everything you ever wanted to know about them with the help of the informed staff at Natterjack Alpacas.

Go Karting

Ormskirk is actually spoilt for choice when it comes to go karting. Two companies offering it are Kartworld and Karting Nation. You can do a grand prix style race or even an endurance type event where you can book the course out. Either way, if you want to let off some steam and expel some road rage – here’s where you do it.

Excel Falconry

Anyone fancy a bird of prey flying towards you at 30 miles per hour? Well you can in the stunning Lancashire Countryside at Excel Falconry and try your hand at falconry – a discipline which has been around for at least to 6000 years.

Canal Cruise

Take a break from studying with a relaxing barge down the Lancashire canal. With Lancashire Canal Cruises you get food and booze included in some of the packages. The pace is slow and it’s a real escape from the humdrum of town life.

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