Having just returned from a few months off you’re now having to adjust to the unfortunate reality of ensuring your own survival.

Hopefully by now you’ve at least sorted out your student accommodation in Ormskirk and know your route to the University.  If not, don’t panic… give us a call and we’ll be happy to show you round one of our student properties.

Freshers Week

Getting through your first week at Edge Hill University unscathed and with some of your student loan intact is a worthy goal.  Here are some suggestions to help navigate this alien world…

Fork out for the basics

There’s only a certain amount of times you can have ‘cereal-from-box’ as a meal and there’s a limit on how often you can avoid showering as you have nothing to wash or dry yourself with before housemates become offended at your smell.

So get some cutlery, crockery, sheets, towels, toiletries etc in advance. This won’t set you back a huge amount. Share the burden with other housemates. Other useful items might include a laptop, extension lead and a basic first aid kit.

Be social

Nowadays if you’d like to find out how laffy taffy is made or what planets are being discovered there’ll be a dedicated website, Facebook group, Twitter handle, Instagram account, YouTube Channel and a never ending list of other online platforms broadcasting content.

Likewise there’s no doubt various sites for your course, topics connected to your subject, societies and wider university groups. Join in the conversation, find out when events are taking place, learn some stuff ahead of time.

Turn town upside down

Even if you think you know Ormskirk town centre well (and beyond) – the transport links, the bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs – there’s always more! Do some proper exploration. See what locals recommend – you never know where you’ll come across a great subterranean venue for that book club you’re organising…

Maybe you want to try a new sport – have a look for alternative ways of keeping fit.  Or see what the areas has to offer for arts, crafts, local gigs, immersive theatre, cookery classes, open mic nights, alcohol making/tasting and independent film. There’ll be plenty of deals for students so keep your eyes peeled.

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